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PHILGALV industrial coating, inc. (Philgalv) started out as a small-scale galvanizing business in province of RIZAL in 1996, handling small and medium-size galvanizing jobs for private and public construction projects.

Through the years, the company has made a distinction in the domestic galvanizing industry for the quality of its galvanizing works and services. It has broaden its market reach from metro manila to different industrial regions in Luzon and southern Philippines, servicing major industries including the power and energy, telecommunication, mining, shipping, petrochemical, architectural, transportation and the construction sector.

The company is spearheaded by a group of Filipino nationals and ethnic Filipino-Chinese who are well-known icons in the zinc, galvanizing and steel industries in the Philippines.


The demand for galvanized protected steel in the Philippines and in south East Asia is increasing in the last decade. With the globalization in the region, the growth of the galvanizing industry is envisioned along with the subsequent expansions in the industrial and commercial sectors, and the creations of modern infrastructures that are essential to support the increasing economic activities.

Prompted with the increasing demand for high quality galvanized protected steel, PHILGALV has embarked on a new and thoroughly modern Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) plant project in year 2004, with an initial capital outlay of P75-million.

With the new plant now in full operation, PHILGALV aims to beef up its production capacity with maximum efficiency and further, to ensure strict compliance to international quality of galvanizing standards, to capture the bulk of the domestic market and eventually evolve to be the leader in the galvanizing industry in the Philippines and in the region.

PHILGALV HDG plant is located within the industrial center of Valenzuela city (metro manila), occupying a 3-hectare land. It has easy access to main thoroughfares, major airports and seaports, industrial and commercial areas.

Its unique technological features make the PHILGALV galvanizing plant now the most modern Hot-dip galvanizing plant in the Philippines. It combines the latest generation in handling and galvanizing technology from Australia, Italy and Germany. This allows PHILGALV to generate 12,000 to 15,000 metric tons of galvanizing works per year and handle medium to large structural works of all types of applications up to 14 meters in length.

With PHILGALV, you worry not about quality, time, price and people. PHILGALV has the best galvanizing technology, the most qualified people in the industry, the most efficient operation, and the best location in the country’s industrial capital.


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